Since 1993, BC Acoustique develops mainly speakers and subwoofers. Among the various projects remained at the prototype here you will find information on the Classic 2009 range and the X range which it is composed of X-1, X-2, X-3 and XS ...

2009 - New CLASSIC range, design update

Unveiled in late 2008 at the Hi-Fi show in Paris, this new range, redesign of some of the popular first generation of the Classic range models, BC Acoustique reveals the general public these models Nile, Niger, Araxe, Tamise and Axe, which, however, will never go beyond the prototype stage….


Prototypes Gamme Classic 2009

2004 - Subwoofer S4 - ACT Series

Thanks picture, we can now show you an extremely rare visual of the prototype single subwoofer S4 which was presented at the MIPS show in 2004.

2004 - Tower speaker X3

At the High-Fidelity Show in 2004, BC Acoustique featured the massive Tower Speaker X3 which included 4 subwoofers and the horn of the X-1 (2nd version).



2003 - Tower speaker X-1 V2

The objective of this high-end line was to satisfy audiophiles who wish to integrate a pair of high-end speaker columns developing power and exceptional performance without any subwoofer. With a very strong design…including a special wood white-light textured, and this huge silvery horn at the top of this imposing mass of 90 Kg.


Prototype X-1


TheX-1 V2 was also presented at the Hi-fi show of 2003.


2003 - Subwoofer XS

Theactive subwooferconsists of 4speakers18''.


Caisson de grave XS


2002 - Tower speaker X-1 (1st version)

At the MIPS (World Picture Photo Sound) in 2002, thanks you to CineNow which allowed us to recover some visuals of the very 1st version.

1997-2000 - 1st Amplifier, the CARBET

After several years ofR & D, BC Acoustique offers its first high-end amplifiers. Two finish were available, brass and Black/Silver.

CARBET Brochure (German).

Carbet Noir