Events already occured...

Read the article from “Les Années Laser”, a French hi-fi magazine article N°198 May 2013 dedicated to Saga BC Acoustique for the 20th anniversary of the brand.


Show "Haute-Fidélité" - November 18 & 19, 2017 - Paris

We introduced all the brand-new models coming out from the factories. Our amplifiers EX212, EX232, EX242 as well as the EX332.2. Our compact range has also seduced you with the mini-system EM-702 2x35W RMS.





You could preview the latest prototypes of our new TD-922 Bluetooth turntable as well as the SP-102-BT Bluetooth compact speakers with a very wide range connectivity (sub output, high pass filter, Phono input, line, 3.5mm, optical...).


We had the pleasure to welcome François and Xavier from ANA MIGHTY SOUND who were kind enough to share with us a common passion, Vinyl sound! This 100% French company presented us with the very first model, the entry-level of their turntables with the PTP Audio Solid12 basis. A great listening that we hope to share again on our upcoming shows.



SHOW "Festival Son et Images" - 14 & 15 October 2017 - Paris

Thank you all for being so many on this 2017 edition which remains essential. You have discovered our band new BC Acoustique products, EX212, EX232, EX242 for amplifiers, EX612 for the new CD player, EM-702 for the brand new compact stereo system and the highlight of the show, our first bluecoat turntable, the TD-922, the first of a range of 4 turntables. Beyond the quality sound reproduction at a very affordable price, note that all these products are Wireless. Listen to the sound from your smartphones and tablets in one click!

Son et Image

Son et Image


AUDIO & AV SHOW - 16 & 17 Septembre 2017 - Birmingham - Angleterre

For the second edition of Birmingham's Audio & AV Show 2017, we presented the two new models of the new turntables range from the EX Series, as well as the new EX212/232/242 amplifiers and the EX612 CD player.

Audio & AV

A big thank you to Erik FORTIER from Luna Cables who allowed us to optimize our listening thanks to the Orange and Purple range of cables of modulations, speakers and AC.


Show "Haute-Fidélité" - November 26 & 27, 2016 - Paris / France

Thanks to all of you for coming this weekend to the Salon Haute Fidélité (Paris 13th) where you could discover a hi-fi system (in the 1,500 €) composed of the couple CD player EX-602.3 and the amplifier EX- 332.2 associated with EMIT20 from Dynaudio.

Mr. Yves COCHET presented the EX-332.2, more precisely his latest prototype on which he greatly optimized the components. It boasts 2x100W under 8 ohms and 2x 170W under 4. It benefits from the preamplifier of the EX326D and a much more varied connectivity than its predecessor, the EX322, the first EX series amplifier.

 Salon Haute-Fidélité 2016


Show "Festival Son & Image" - October 8 & 9, 2016 - Paris / France

The entire BC Diffusion team would like to thank you very much for coming this weekend to the "Festival Son & Image" in the salons of the Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel.

You have been able to discover new versions of the EX222.3, EX602.3 and the EX712.2, but especially the prototypes of the next EX332.2 as well as a new version of the EX series in a more compact version (28cm from wide) of the next EM-201 amplifier

Festival Son & Image 2016


Show "Haute-Fidélité" - November 21 & 22, 2015 - Paris / France

Thanks to all of you for coming this weekend at the Haute Fidélité (Paris 13ème), where you could discover a small hi-fi system (less than 1.000 €) composed of the EX-602.2 CD player couple and EX-202.2 amplifier on the compact SR-B2 speakers that you have highly praised.

The second listening consisted of the Dynaudio Contours 3.4 LE columns that were powered by the EX-888.1, 2x40W Acoustic BC Tubes amp. The files scanned on a laptop were sent to the latest Teac Network DAC NT-503. You have heard many songs in DSD2.8 (DSD64), 5.6 (DSD128) and also 11.2 (DSD256 / DXD).

Mr. Yves COCHET, whose expertise enabled us to optimize the finalization of this 3rd version of the amplifier EX-202.2 and the speakers SR-B2, was also present throughout this weekend.

 Salon Haute-Fidélité 2015



Montreal Show "Son & Image" - March 27 to 29, 2015 - Montreal / Canada

The Canadianpublic has taken advantage of the opportunity to discover the latest models of the EX Series, including the brand new EX DAC-UB-3X card, exclusively for the show.

Montreal SHOW 2015

M. Jean-Marie and Baptiste SUARD from Hi-fi Import greeted warmly Christian Avedissian during this weekend at the Montreal Audio Show 2015.


Show "Haute-Fidélité" - November 15 & 16, 2014 - Paris / France

We would like to thank you warmlyfor your participation andyour very positive feedback about ours news electronics models and upgrades. Some of you are even pressed repeatedly allowing us to respond to your many questions, and we hope your expectations!

You were verylikely to visit us to hear the new 2x80W Class-A amplifier, the EX-362D that was associated with Dynaudio tower speakers, Contour 3.4.

The second listening was made with the EX-222.1, 2x70W Bluetooth amplifier associated with the Dynaudio bookshelf speaker, the Focus 160. The source was the EX-622.1 CD Player.

Some of you have benefited from the presence of Mister Yves Cochet with whom we have shared many tracks with CD from his personal collection.

Please, feel free to leave comments or ask questions on the site's forum.

Haute Fidelite Show 2014


New Music High-End Innovation Show - November 8 & 9, 2014 - Brussels / Belgium

Under the leadership ofNew Music Store Brussels, dive into the world of hi-fi and home theater. Discover, through the world's biggest brands, the pleasure of live music.
BC Acoustique electronics were honored with the EX-222.1 and EX362D amplifiers and EX622.1 as CD player that were on demo with Dynaudio speakers.

New Music High-End Innovation Show 2014


Hi-fi & Home theatre show "Festival Son & Image" - October 18 & 19, 2014 - Paris / France

BC Diffusion thanks you for your loyalty and for turning out in such large numbers this weekend at the "Festival Son & Image" show in the halls of the Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel hotel.

We were pleasantly surprised by your testimony as sincere and passionate about your positive feedbacks on our range of electronics (EX series), especially around the tube amplifier EX-888 that has responded, in all modesty, to your expectations.

Festival Son & Image


Munich High End Show - May 15 to 18, 2014 - Munich / Germany

Thekey event of the hi-fi in Munich is an institution, an exceptional international exhibition bringing together all professionals in the world of hi-fi.
This edition has allowed us to meet some French but also a multitude of international distributors who have given us the pleasure we seek to offer our products and represent us in their respective countries. You will find for now, our electronic EX Series range in more than 11 countries very soon!

Munich HIGH END SHOW 2014


Montreal Show "Son & Image" - March 28 to 30, 2014 - Montreal / Canada

All the Import Hi-Fi team was on the deck to present, along with our sales manager came especially for the occasion, the latest news BC Acoustique: the 2-way bookshelves speakers SR-B2 and all electronic BC from the EX Series.

Montreal SHOW 2014

This is a must-attend event for all Canadians hifistes.Check website articles from PULSIONAUDIO.COM and the blog from MAGAZINE-AUDIO.COM.

BC Acoustique at the 8th heaven! - November 2013 - Toronto / Canada

The top of the eighth floor of the King Edward, one of the finest hotels in Toronto, the new store features Taves BC Acoustique.

Ouverture boutique TAVES à Toronto


Hi-Fi & home theatre show "Haute-Fidélité" - November 9 & 10, 2013 - Paris / France

On the occasion ofthe 11th edition of the show, we introduced our new range of speakers: ReferenceSeries. We are very pleased by the reception you gave us. A big THANK YOU to all the people who have been, and even ironed repeatedly listen to our two systems.

Always with thedesire to discover (or rediscover) the separate hi-fi at affordable budgets elements, we combined the new SR-B2 bookshelf speakers (available December 2013) with the couple EX302 (Amp) & EX602 (CD ).

The second system was composed of the SR-B3, a little larger (available early 2014) supplied by the EX888 (Tube amp) and the source came directly from CD EX622 or transiting through the new DAC Asus Xonar Essence 3.

Salon hi-fi 2013


Launch of the Reference Series

After several years of research, and always with the desire to discover the hi-fi with modest budgets, we are launching the Reference Series consists of two libraries SR-B2 (available from December 2013) and SR-B3 and 2 columns SR and SR-T2-T3.

Serie Reference

Hi-Fi & home theatre show - September 28 & 29, 2013 - Paris / France

Thisshow is a must for all professionals and the general public eager to discover the new world of hi-fi in France. Beyond an organization managed by the master smiling and effective teams from the SPAT organization, BC Acoustique presented new models comprising the new EX electronics developed entirely by BC Acoustique series. And find new tubes amplifier EX-888, the power amplifier EX-522, and the EX-222, stereo integrated amplifier with its APT-X Bluetooth connection that has been granted a CHOC reward delivered by the jury listening from CLASSICA French magazine. The first bookshelf speaker from the new Reference Series, the SR-B2 was also honored in her lacquered black version.

Salon hi-fi 2013

Ex&Co Convention - September 22, 2013 - Marne la Vallée / France

It is withgreat pleasure that we presented this year to all our colleagues in the Ex & Co company the news BC Acoustique products. Two workshops were led by M. Christian Avedissian (Sales Manager) and M. Bruno Roux (Technical Manager) to many hi-fi professional retailers from all corners of France. All the new products from the EX Series were demonstrated and also the first speaker bookshelf SR-B2 from the new Reference Series.

Convention Ex&Co

EurExpo Show (Pro&Cie company) - September 14 to 16, 2013 - Lyon / France

Alarge number of managers from the “Expert” and “Connections” retailers across France were present at the show in search of novelty. BC Acoustique presented the new models coming enlarge the spectrum of electronics products from the EX Series: EX-888, EX-522, EX-222.

Pro&Cie 2013


"Ma cabane au Canada !"

Because of our Canadian distributor IMPORT-HIFI, one of two major hi-fi magazines in Quebec has celebrated the arrival of our electronic range on Canadian territory. So you can read the editorial and test our Quebec friends on the site bench. The first section presents the spectrum of electronics EX Series.

You can also find the article in the famous French blogger Marc PHILIP on the EX-888. His website meets a phenomenal success on the 2 sides of the Atlantic. Beyond the two largest magazine AV specialists, his website is positioned directly in the third position of the most visited sites!

The virus BC Acoustique is spreading among Canadian retailers, and “audio-d’occasion”, 25 years’ experience, puts BC Acoustique honored in his shop and on its website with the EX888 featured!


"Hit Matériel" Award credited to the home theatre system ACT & Titan 15.6 MK2

Hit Materiel ACT 2013

"...The SurroundACT B1.1 and frontal ACT A2.1 are in unison with the Central and generally supported vigorously by the biggest Mosscade subwoofer, delivers a signal full of energy and effective, while particularly pleasing, but it 'll have to take the reins. In function of the brightness of your room, do not hesitate to play with the power of your amplifier..."

LAL N°199 - July/August 2013 - Jacques Paris

You can also findthe center speaker ACT C1.1 and the Mosscade subwoofer Titan 15.6MK2.

ACT Series new speakers!

After the release ofthe Act A2.1 in summer 2012, BC Acoustique added to the ACT Series the Act A.3.5 (Tower 3 way speakers), Act B1.1 (Bookshelf 2 way speakers) and C1 Act .1 (Central 2 way speakers).


Montreal show "Son & Image" - March 21 to 24, 2013 - Montreal / Canada

BC Acoustique French team and its new Canadian distributor IMPORT-HIFI were present MONTREAL HI-FI SHOW.

Montreal HIFI SHOW

Hi-fi Show Montréal - Mars 2013


"Diapasons d'Or 2012" Ceremony - December 13, 2012 - Paris / France

This Thursday, December 13, 2012, aboard a beautiful sailing barge on the Seine , the team of Diapason magazine invited the most important person of the hi-fi profession for the Diapason d'Or 2012 ceremony. And it is a glass of champagne in hand and a pleasure that our Technical Manager, Bruno Roux was awarded by a Diapason d'Or for the brand new EX-322 amplifier which was recognized by the jury for its audiophile sound quality and outstanding for less than 500 € budget!

Picture: Mrs. Olivia Moreno, Diapason co-host of the evening surrounded by Mr. Bruno Roux (in white shirt) and Christian Avedissian, sales manager of BC Acoustique . On the right of the picture, as every year, M. Soveaux Thierry and Emmanuel Dupuy (Editor of the magazine Diapason) hosted the evening with ease, with style and a good dose of humor!

Diapason d'OR 2012 - Cérémonie


"Haute-Fidélité" Show 2012 - November 2 & 3, 2012 - Paris / France

All the BC AcoustiqueFrench team was present around the new electronic EX Series. In addition to 4 amplifiers and the 2 CD players, two new products were shown: a power amplifier and a beautiful 2x80W tube amplifier. M. Yves Cochet, a very well-known French electronitien and acoustician, came to provide some advice to many audiophiles visitors attending this year.

Salon hi-fi 2012 HF


Hi-fi & home theatre show - September 29 & 30, 2012 - Paris / France

Akey event of the hi-fi in Paris which has all the latest news from the world of hi-fi in France. BC Acoustique presented whole new range of electronic products with listening amplifiers and CD player couples: EX302 & EX602 on one side and the other side of this large room, EX322 & EX622.

Salon hi-fi 2012


Ex&Co Convention - September 23 to 25, 2012 - Marne la Vallée / France

Severalsessions of presentations and trainings were done by M. Avedissian (Sales Manager), M. Roux (Technical Manager) and M. Tran (After Sales Services Manager) to many professional of the hi-fi field from all over France. These dealers and managers of shops were present during the training days from the Ex & Co company. The training was developed primarily around BC Acoustique products, the new range of electronics EX Series.

Convention Ex&Co Sept 2012


EurExpo Show (Pro&Cie Company) - September 15 to 17, 2012 - Lyon / France

Alarge number of managers from “Expert” & “Connections” hi-fi shops across all the France were present at the show in search of novelty. BC Acoustique had the exclusive new range of electronics including 5 models, 3 amplifiers from 40 to 80 Watts and two CD players.

Salon Pro & Cie - Lyon 2012


BC Acoustique news: The brand new electronic range: EX Series - October 2012

Bandeau Diapason d'Or EX322

Havingworked extensively on this topic, especially around the first amplifier CARBET that was developed in the late 90ties, BC Acoustique launches the brand on the market for electronic hi-fi amplifier with 4 amplifiers and 2 CD players that are positioned between 229 and 499 €! The EX Series was designed with several criteria and components of high-end, a stunning result for power and definition. In March 2013 are added to the range the EX-522 power amplifier 2x80W and the EX-888 2x40W tubes amplifier.


Hi-Fi & home theatre show - October 25 & 26, 2008 - Paris / France

Manyprototypes of the 2008 Classic series are exhibited and presented to the general public and professionals.

Actualite 2008 Salon SPAT


Hi-Fi & home theatre shows - from 2007 to 2004 - Paris / France

For several yearsand multiple shows, the ACT Series, including the flagship of the range: ACT A4 was associated with prestigious high end electronic series to meet the expectations of public and many professionals also present on these shows.

Actualité Salons SPAT de 2007 à 2004


Hi-Fi & home theatre show - March 2005 - Paris / France

BC Acoustiquepresents an exceptional system, consisting of amplifiers Chord, a DCS set to play CDs, TaraLabs cables and a pair of BC Acoustique ACT A4. Listeners were able to enjoy a 2-channel SACD demonstration in very good listening conditions, yet difficult to obtain at a show (closed doors and acoustic treated).

Actualité Salon Hifi Spat 2005


MIPS Show - April 2004 - Paris / France

Over220m² booth welcomed the visitor in search of high quality hi-fi systems. Two auditoriums were available to the public to discover a whole set of the ACT range speakers, but also Mosscade subwoofers.

Actualité Salon 2004 MIPS


IFA Show - September 2003 - Berlin / Germany

BC Acoustiquewelcomed the audience on one of the largest stands dedicated to the hi-fi show. Over 200m² of exhibition to discover the new ACT series, but also to attend home-theater demonstrations. It was an opportunity for BC Acoustique to boost its European market and in particular Germany, Sweden, Poland.

Actualité Salon IFA Berlin 2003