BC Acoustique speakers

Created in 1993, BC Acoustique is an image of a purest sound authenticity and the respect of an industrial honest attitude. Our staff grows each day, integrating people whose expressing these same principles. This is very important that this spirit keeps going and give you the best day after day. Beyond this hope, music will be sublimated on each of its sides from varieties to the most noble ones. The respect for music and for those who listen do it is our daily work and also our passion.



Acoustic Coherent Technology

With the ACT line, BC Acoustique wanted to create speakers with a pure and sharp design using advanced technology. The ACT speakers are the result of several years of research and development. Looking at their fine design, it is hard to realize the efforts that went in the making of the speakers and the level of technology that can be found inside. The result is quite an achievement.

Three specific technical aspects were particularly studied:
- Internal resonance modes
- Phasing
- Distortion level

Reference Series


Design & "Savoir-faire"

This newrange of speakers is being produced. The bookshelf speaker SR-B2 is the first model available since October 2013.

The realization ofthe Reference Series speakers (SR) has been our know-how, both in terms of design as that of manufacturing. The choice of components and technologies used meet the selection criteria of very high quality. Operation and finish of each product have been checked before delivery.